5 Steps to Writing a Great Marketing Plan

marketing plan

Do you examine your team’s marketing plan in detail each year?

You ought to. Without a yearly marketing plan, things may get complicated. If you don’t have a plan, it’s practically hard to estimate the budget you’ll need to set aside for the projects, recruiting, and outsourcing you’ll need to perform throughout the year.

We’ve put together a list of what to include in your plan and a few different planning templates where you can quickly fill in the blanks to make the process of creating your plan easier.

Detailed Marketing Plan

Marketing strategies can be very specific depending on the sector you’re in, whether you’re selling to consumers or other businesses (B2C), and the extent of your online presence. Nevertheless, the following components may be found in every successful marketing strategy:

1. Business Overview

Your Business Overview in a marketing plan is exactly what it sounds like a summary of the company. This comprises:

  • The business name
  • Where the company is based
  • Its purpose is stated

2. Commercial Initiatives

You can divide up the numerous objectives of your department using the Business Initiatives section of a marketing plan. A business plan would typically contain large-scale firm projects, so take cautious not to include them. The tasks that are particular to marketing should be described in this area of your marketing plan. You’ll also go into detail about the objectives of those projects and how they will be measured.

3. Consumer Research

You’ll carry out some fundamental market research here. This part of your marketing plan might be simpler to put together if your business has already conducted a thorough market research study.

In the end, this component of your marketing strategy will assist you in describing both your buyer persona and the industry you’re selling to. A buyer persona is a fictionalized portrayal of the characteristics of your ideal client.

  • Age\Location\Title\Goals
  • personal difficulties
  • Pains
  • trigger situations

4. Analysis of Competitors

When it comes to finding answers to their problems, your buyer persona has options, both in terms of the kinds of solutions they are considering and the suppliers who can handle those solutions. You should think about your competition, what they do well, and any gaps in the market that you might be able to fill when conducting your market research. This may consist of:

  • Positioning
  • % of the market
  • Offerings
  • Pricing

5. SWOT evaluation

A SWOT analysis, which stands for the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is also included in the Business Summary of your marketing plan. The SWOT analysis of your company should be done slowly.

You should allow extra time for each project in order to:

Brainstorming: During the brainstorming stage, your concept will first manifest itself as a project outline. Determine your goals and the stakeholders who must be involved for you to attain them. Decide on a deadline and schedule any required meetings.

Planning: Planning can involve identifying the project’s scope, choosing the budget that will be allotted for it, deciding on deadlines, and deciding who will be responsible for each task. Plan any marketing that is required for each project (social media, PR, sales promotions, landing pages, events, etc.).

Execution: The beginning of your project is the focus of this third phase. Set a launch date and keep track of the project’s development. Create a mechanism for monitoring KPIs and measurements.

Analysis: To determine whether or whether your marketing efforts were successful, you will examine all of your performance data during this last phase. Did you achieve your objectives? Did you finish your projects on schedule and on a reasonable budget?

Launch Your Marketing Planning Process Right Now

In order to ramp up quickly and position yourself (and your team) to hit more difficult targets and take on more complex initiatives, the ideal way to set up your marketing plan for the year is to start with quick wins first.

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