5 Trading Lessons That Are Crucial for the Market Today

Trading Lessons

1. Create a system to stop trading that doesn’t seem right

rule 1

You definitely don’t want to short-circuit a transaction based just on gut instinct before creating your method to do so. That can cause you to exit a profitable r/r trade too soon.

2. Always complete your daily report card

@TheOneLance In consecutive years, B was the top trader at a tier one prop firm. In this video, he discussed what propelled him from the top 10 to the top spot.

3. To trade at your best, you must take regular pauses from trading

rule 3

4. Immediately create a detailed plan to address your trading angst

rule 4

5. Trade more first, experiment, and then concentrate more

One of our interns tried out a fresh setup this week, lost on the transaction, and later regretted it. He complained that he should not have deviated from what he does best. I retorted that I appreciated his attempts at new things. We also encourage you to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, and progress early in your career. You can restrict your emphasis after learning a variety of trading strategies and measuring your competitive edge. Then you can complain that you went too far off the rails. Even so, we want you to give yourself freedom to grow and expand your playbook. Just make sure you do it with less risk and put the majority of your attention on what you do best.

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