Medical Malpractice Litigation Law. Lawyer Or Judge In Courtroom

The Bogoroch & Associates LLP Difference

Having an attorney who is experienced in medical malpractice cases is a very important part of getting the compensation that…

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The Role of Punishment in the Development of Society

Most people believe that the legal system’s use of punishment to deter lawbreakers and criminal activities is appropriate. We do…

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US Supreme court

The Supreme Court’s decision to “Remain in Mexico” gives people control over immigration policy

The Supreme Court issued a significant judgment in the very last case of its most recent term that not only…

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divorce case

Turkish Law About Hidding Assets in Divorce case

Divorce may occasionally be an extremely difficult process. The issue of property split in a divorce is one of the…

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tiktok Defamation

What to Do If You’ve Been Defamed on TikTok

The intuitive algorithm and incredibly infectious nature of TikTok are also among its greatest strengths and worst faults. It is…

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Tax Repercussions

The Tax Repercussions of Selling a Property Abroad for Americans

When a United States citizen owns property abroad, there are significant tax repercussions when they sell that asset. Impact on…

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