Easy Social Media Calendar Management with Publish

Social Media Calendar Management

An excellent method to maintain organization with your brand’s online strategy and social media calendar management in advance. You can now quickly and centrally arrange material using a content calendar tool, giving you a broad overview of your online interactions.

Within the Mention platform, the Publish tool has a Calendar View. You may use it to view, create a draught, schedule, and even publish material right away to your social network platforms. Your weekly content calendar will start to fill up with calendar blocks after you or a colleague has planned material:

Recognize the Calendar View

Mention has improved its Calendar View with additional indicators such as the daily posts number and social accounts filter to make sure you are fully aware about your scheduled content.

The daily posts counter will show up at the top of the weekly calendar and rise in proportion to the number of scheduled posts for that day:

When you click on this number, a sidebar with the ability to view the posts scheduled for that day will display. You will also see some post-related information in addition to this description of the material, including:

  • The handle and account name
  • The day and hour that are scheduled for posting
  • The social media channel where the post will be published
  • a message stating if the post is scheduled, published, prepared, or failed

If you want to quickly check the scheduled content before it goes live, this daily overview is a terrific way to start your day. To make sure that every article is timed appropriately for any impending dates, you can choose to check the daily summary.

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Clean up your calendar.

The number of planned blocks that appear in your calendar may overwhelm you if you are a social media manager managing multiple accounts at once. You can filter by social accounts by going to the filter option in the top right corner of your calendar. You can use this tool to only view the content from the accounts in which you have a specific interest.

Modify the content you’ve scheduled

Your publish calendar has the flexibility to easily modify as the social media landscape changes. Your team may easily make use of the editing options within the Calendar View if they need to delete a planned post, modify the content, or delay the release.

You can either click on the daily post counter or the specific post on the calendar block to edit it. The preview will then be displayed, and the Edit and Delete buttons will now be visible beneath the post.

You can change the planned time and content while in Edit mode. If you want to come back to the post later and add more material or media assets, you can even save your modifications as a Draft.

Advantages of Mention-Publishing

All of Your Content in One Place to View – You may check a detailed list of all scheduled material for various social accounts on the Publish calendar. You can prioritise other items on your calendar and save time by saving time instead of entering into each social media account separately.

Instant Content Publishing You can effortlessly publish material across several accounts in one location, regardless of whether the messaging is about your business or internet news. Through Publish, Mention gives you the option to schedule or publish information right away. This is a fantastic approach for your brand to respond to a significant event or an urgent problem.

Collaborate with Multiple Teams – It’s crucial to have a consistent message across all of your social media channels as you are ready to launch new campaigns and products. You may work together with several social media teams in one location with Publish, ensuring that your editorial calendar is correctly aligned.

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