Garou One Punch Man Chapter 162: Garou Vs Saitama

Garou one punch man

The One Punch Man manga is progressing well, and many think that recent chapters have been among the most thrilling ones so far. The series has seen a great deal of change, and it appears that the lengthy Monsters Association narrative is nearing its climax.

Murata recently released a new chapter that was packed with action and, more importantly, focused on Garou and Saitama, who had already met in the previous chapter. This article will provide a thorough analysis of One Punch Man’s Chapter 162.

Garou One Punch Man Chapter 162: Garou transforms once more and battles Saitama

Although it appeared that Saitama had won the battle with a flick of his wrist, Garou appears to be more tenacious than ever and sees Saitama as the biggest obstacle standing in his way of achieving complete evil.

The wounded citizens who had been removed from the battlefield were rushed by heroes. The situation changed, though, when the heroes heard loud noises and felt tremendous tremors that led them to believe there was seismic activity.

However, that was merely the shockwave caused by the conflict between Garou and Saitama. Garou was hitting Saitama repeatedly, but he didn’t appear phased by it. The Caped Baldy wasn’t even scratched by Garou’s assault, which he also employed a few chapters before. In reality, as soon as Garou made an attack, his hand actually snapped. Nevertheless, he was able to regenerate it.

Garou attempted to strike the Caped Baldy while Saitama was speaking, but the latter became enraged and launched Garou in the direction of the area where the heroes were evacuating the populace.

But after Garou underwent another transformation, what occurred next astonished the whole One Punch Man fandom. He became aware that the body was changing in accordance with the intensity of his fury and indignation. This time, it assumed a far more terrible shape, and his face closely resembled a skull. The protruding points on his back became even taller, clearly indicating a power-up.

Tareo, who was convinced that the One Punch Man hero hunter was a hero because he had assisted him, went up to him. The youngster was frightened by his looks, though. Garou’s entire frame became larger, and his mouth resembled an orc’s.

For his part, Tareo maintained his faith in Garou’s goodwill and referred to him as “uncle” throughout. Even more, the youngster demanded that Garou “stop pretending to be a monster,” calling him the “coolest, greatest hero of all time.” Garou, though, is still clinging to his newfound strength and views Saitama as his biggest obstacle.

To everyone’s surprise, even Saitama admitted that Garou wasn’t as terrible as he wanted them to think. Saitama asks Tareo in the last panels if he prefers that the Garou be stopped rather than murdered. In response to Tareo’s affirmative response, Saitama states:

Gotcha. Let me handle it.”

It appears that the conflict between Saitama and Garou will be the main topic of the following chapter. One of the most anticipated bouts in the series will be continued in the upcoming chapter, which fans are anxiously anticipating.

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Garou One Punch Man: Different Forms

Hero Hunter: Human/Base Form

Demon threat level: High

Initially, Garou was Bang’s most talented pupil. Simply put, he was a prodigy with incredible strength and talent. But as he matured, he developed a distinct perspective on the idea of hero and villain. He left the school after mastering every facet of martial arts that Bang could teach him in order to work toward his ambition of being the ultimate evil.

He vanquished A- to B-class heroes from the Hero Association in his most basic form. He vanquished a number of well-known heroes, including Metal Bat, Death Gatling, Tank Top Army, etc. He is therefore more powerful than 80% of the series’ protagonists even in his most basic form.

Bloodshot Garou

Threat Level: Demon and Above

When Garou reached his limitation, he outgrew his base form. Garou started to become a monster after facing off against the best heroes, namely Royal Ripper and Bug God. This marked the beginning of his monsterification.

Garou’s natural strength and abilities increased quickly to the point where he could battle while dozing off. His clothing also blended with his physique, giving him an unnatural appearance. He poked a vein in his eye while fighting Genos and Bomb, giving him bloodshot eyes and staining his hair red—hence the name.

Half Monster.

Level of threat: Low Dragon

After transforming into Bloodshot Garou, he continued to swiftly evolve as a result of each battle and was considered a “half-monster.” He outperformed himself and put an end to Royal Ripper forever. He then proceeded to battle Unihorn, Showerhead, and Super Mouse.

His strength of mind and body, as well as his senses, were improved. He was able to dominate the aforementioned heroes with ease by using mind tricks to shatter their will and spirit.

However, after battling Overgrown Rover, he was seriously hurt. His next step in development is this.

Spiral Garou

Level of threat: Low Dragon

He went on to battle Gyoro Gyoro and defeated him after surpassing his former form. In addition to learning all the strategies and maneuvers used by the heroes he has so far battled, he has developed great sheer strength.

Orochi, however, intervened in the conflict by turning it against Garou. He could have defeated his opponents permanently if it weren’t for other heroes frequently interfering with all of his confrontations. Observe how, up until this point, he had never engaged in a sustained one-on-one battle, always fighting heroes simultaneously or being interrupted.

But in order to make him evolve further and give rise to his next form, Orochi had to overwhelm him.

Monster Garou:

Mid-Dragon level of threat

While battling Orochi, Garou advanced further and eventually defeated him. He had just defeated the whole Monster Association, half of whom aren’t even humans, making him a menace on a par with a mid-dragon.

He defeated Tatsumaki, a psychic, and Orochi, a Puri-Puri prisoner, in this form. Additionally, since evolving, Garou have lost their human-like appearance. His face had combined features and luminous eyes, and his body was soot-colored. His transformation from a human to an alien entity is now complete.

Awakened Garou in cosmic mode:

When Saitama was in his previous form, Garou started fighting him and quickly gained strength. Even better, he developed wings so he could fly while engaged in combat. He also acquired skills including bodily alteration, energy beams, superhuman reflexes, and regeneration.

He was able to use moves like Great Fa-Jin, Extreme Fa-Jin, Consecutive Normal Punches, etc. when in this form. His punches have enough force to shatter a spatial barrier and produce force distortions.

However, as a result of God’s intervention during their battle, Garou evolved into a divine deity and was subsequently known as Cosmic Garou. He resembled a faceless blank or space, but he held galaxies within him.

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