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threat intelligence

Microsoft debuts two new products and bets all on threat intelligence

The dangerous environment of today is harsh. In 2021, there will be 1,862 publicly reported data breaches, thus security teams…

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Fast fashion Companies Have Been Charged With Greenwashing

The green movement is rapidly expanding, particularly in the fashion sector. Customers are becoming aware of the terrible effects fast…

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According To Research Everything You Require To Be Happier

Happiness is truly found along the way, and with this book in your toolkit, you’ll no longer feel that it’s…

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viral product

Best products that have gone viral so far in 2022

No two TikTok FYPs are the same. But amidst the tarot pulls taking over one person’s page and the dogs…

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access control

In today’s digital-first world, access control is crucial

Access is becoming a more important aspect of daily life. By the time I sit down at my desk to…

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Capital One

How Capital One makes Snowflake expenses more visible

[Ed. note: Changed 8/3/22 to read “It also helped lower Snowflake expenses by 27%, improve the cost per query by…

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unreliable insiders

Your top cyberthreat is employees, according to insider risk

The workforce of today is dispersed and data-dependent. Cloud collaboration technology is widely used. Users are frequently dispersed and not…

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playing games

Playing Games Can Help Students Improve Their Executive Functioning

Students can learn to control their emotions, think critically, pay attention for long periods of time, and have working memory…

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How to Teach Students to Write Effective Poetry Using Ideograms

Students can express themselves more freely and discover deeper meanings in their writing by adding visual aspects to their poems….

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Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

A better lifestyle is one of the new resolutions that come with the beginning of a new decade. Here are…

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