What Is Deco Pic on Android, How to Use & Delete It?

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Many owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones have discovered a new Samsung app on their devices in recent weeks after an apparent nighttime installation. You may have already noticed it in your applications drawer; it goes by the name of deco pic. At first sight, it appears as though it was downloaded and installed without the user’s knowledge, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The most recent Samsung update appears to have installed the “Deco Pic” app, which many users are accusing of being bloatware. Samsung has never been particularly good at timely updates, but things have improved over the past several years as a result of the business being slightly more aggressive with the update schedule for its handsets. Sadly, while the majority of upgrades add new features, functionality, and bug corrections, the most recent appears to have included a new app that not many people like.

Not only on Samsung smartphones, but unwanted apps are also a problem for the entire Android ecosystem. Because they provide a bloat-free, pure Android experience, Google’s Pixel phones are favored by many Android users. However, Samsung’s Deco Pic app in particular is an extraneous addition. The quantity of permissions it requests, the majority of which are not necessary for apps in its category, is even more concerning.

Samsung’s own photo and video editing tool, Deco Pic, has a number of features, such as live stickers, masks, and more. However, many criticize the programme for requesting a number of permissions that shouldn’t be required for photo editor apps. In fact, the listing page for the app on the Galaxy Store openly acknowledges that it needs access to your phone, your location, and your microphone—none of which are typical for photo-editing apps. As is typical for video editing programmes, it also needs access to storage and the camera.

How to take augmented reality photos using deco pic

When you launch deco pic, the app will welcome you with a viewfinder and a few categories for augmented reality items. Before taking the picture, you can start personalising the environment with augmented reality objects, choose an aspect ratio for your next AR snapshot, and point the camera towards the chosen topic.

The app features a number of categories for augmented reality, including GIFs, masks, frames, and stamps. Customers can also browse the Galaxy Store to find and download/purchase AR live stickers. Simply perform a search for “living stickers” and confirm that the chosen sticker is appropriate for deco pic. Once you’ve taken your AR shot, you may edit, share, and do other things with it in the Gallery app.

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How to Uninstall Deco Pic

Stickers and masks, for example, were already included in the Samsung phone’s default camera software, but the company has apparently created a separate app in the hopes that it will make the features more accessible to customers. But not many people like the new software, and on a Reddit post, many complain that the update has them wondering whether their smartphone has been infected with malware. Thankfully, it is not malware in the strictest meaning of the word, but considering that it is a programme that the majority of users do not want, bloatware is a term that might be used to describe it.

Many customers have been complaining online about having trouble removing Deco Pic from their computers. While some people assert that they were able to properly delete the programme in developer mode, others assert that they were only able to disable the app on their devices. Although it cannot yet be verified, one Redditor asserted that they could remove it via the system app manager on their iPhone. Users who wish to give it a try can go to Settings, choose “Apps,” find “Deco Pic,” then tap the three dots in the top right of the screen and choose “Uninstall Updates.” On Samsung handsets, this is said to delete the most recent updates to the Deco Pic app.

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