what is the best winch for a jeep?

what is the best winch for a jeep?

The winch is essential equipment for all-terrain enthusiasts and for certain professionals whose trades are relatively physical. It is also technical equipment that requires a good knowledge of the material to choose the model best suited to your needs. Indeed, the information phase before the purchase of a winch raises many questions:

We will give you all the information and advice you need to choose  best winch for jeep. Assembly and maintenance tips will also be on the program so that it lasts you as long as possible. And to do it right, we will present to you the brands of winches that we have chosen to sell on Leader4x4.

1/ Why is the winch essential off-road?

Off-road 4×4 is a very technical sport that often requires crossing long stretches of mud, and slopes of more than 30% on unfavorable terrain. And in these moments, your winch will undoubtedly be your emergency and safety door. Indeed, the winch is very useful for getting out of a mess or helping another vehicle in difficulty.

Let’s immediately clarify an important point: 4×4 winches commonly have a power of 12 volts (with rare exceptions). 24-volt winches are used by tow trucks and tow trucks.

2/ Technical characteristics of the ideal 4×4 winch

Which winch is for 4×4?

To choose the right winch, you must first understand what the different technical characteristics correspond to and know the recommendations specific to your vehicle. An insufficient budget can sometimes force you to choose a less efficient winch. Of course, some systems reduce the necessary traction force (We will explain this to you a little later).

  • Tractive capacity or pulling force

What traction capacity is for my 4×4 winch?

Among the technical characteristics of the winch, the traction capacity is crucial. If your 4×4 is bogged down, you will not only be towing the weight of your vehicle. It will also be necessary to take into account the resistance exerted by the mud on your 4×4.

The maximum winching capacity is then determined when winding the first layer of cable on the winch drum. Therefore, our recommendation is to choose a winch that can tow at least twice the weight of your vehicle. A traction capacity that is too tight will cause the winch to heat up.

  • winch winding speed

What winding speed for my winch?

Winding speed is measured by winding the top layers of the cable. Also, note that the indicated winding speed (unladen) will not be the same under load. On average, a winch pulls between 1 and 1.5 meters per minute (loaded). Also, note that a fast-pulling winch means having a more powerful but also more energy-consuming motor. It is therefore preferable to stay within the average speed ratio so as not to decrease the performance of your battery.

  • The number of winch sun gears

What type of mechanism for my 4×4 winch?

There are 3 types of reduction mechanisms on the market, but the most common is the epicyclic system, ie made up of planetary gears. The planetary gears allow the motor rotation speed to be reduced and the torque to be increased. They work like a bridge differential of sorts. You will then understand that the more planets a winch has, the less it will force, and the more it will be able to tow weight for an extended period.

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