What To Anticipate While Developing Your Medical Clinic

developing your medical clinic

Your medical clinic is being developed and built in three separate phases. You’ll take many actions at each phase to guarantee that the clinic is created, developed, and built in accordance with your demands.

Design and Planning

You must define your project and organize how it will be carried out. Spend some time thinking about the following:

What is the purpose of your clinic?
What patient population will it serve?
How many patients can you handle simultaneously?
What technologies will you use?

Consider where you want your clinic to start and where it will be in five years. You don’t want to restrict your clinic’s growth by not considering the future.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can work with an architect to draw out your clinic’s design within your budgetary restrictions. You can obtain a competent architect from a turnkey solutions provider.


The development phase of your medical clinic takes Phase 1 to the next level. You must complete a permit application process, design development, and construction documents in order to build your clinic. Let’s examine each action in further detail:

Design Development – The design development process entails taking your plan and breaking it down room by room to guarantee that no detail is left untouched.
You should consider the medical equipment, HVAC loads, plumbing, electrical, floor plans, wall elevations, materials, and finishes for each treatment room.

Whether it’s a treatment room, office, break room, equipment room, or waiting room, think about what you need in every area.

Construction Papers – The construction documents should contain all the information the general contractor (GC) needs to build the medical clinic effectively and in accordance with the findings of your design development process.
Although you can talk to the architect/engineer team, the construction documentation has to be comprehensive enough to minimize this contact.

Permit procedure – The building of your clinic on a plot of land will require a permit before you can put your idea into action. There’s the real estate procedure where you secure your land, and then there’s the permit process where you receive authorization to utilise your land. This is an essential stage if you want to carry out your goals.

A permit from the City or County as well as one from the state body in charge of healthcare are required. You will be allowed to construct a clinic on property that is not currently designated for medical clinic usage with the help of your city or county permit.

The City or County permit comes before your state healthcare agency permit. Your state’s healthcare department cannot offer you permission until you have received approval for your first permit. This second permit validates structural integrity and performance standards that your engineer must satisfy.

Communication back and forth is common during the permit process, which can take months to complete. Any necessary adjustments must be put into effect by your architect or engineer.


The creation and building of your medical clinic concentrate on the construction side of things. Previously, you were planning your clinic, designing it, and obtaining approval to build it.

It’s time for bidding, licensing, and evaluation now that you’ve checked those things off your list. Let’s look at this:

Bidding/Construction — This is where you pick your GC. To guarantee you’re obtaining a reasonable price that is in line with market value, you should request quotes for your job from at least three different contractors. You can get assistance with this procedure from a turnkey solutions provider.

Licensing – After construction is complete, you should get in touch with your state’s healthcare department to request approval for licensing and occupancy. With their blessing, you may start setting up the facility with the necessary equipment and letting staff members in to start getting ready for new patients.

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To make sure your clinic complies with fire safety regulations, you’ll also need to pass the license test offered by the Department of Health Services. You could also request clearance for Medicare certification.

After completing these procedures, you may welcome people in need of medical attention inside your clinic!

Evaluation – Even after your medical clinic has been constructed and its doors have been opened, it is a good idea to keep assessing it to evaluate how well it is meeting the needs of your patients and how you can enhance everyone’s experience.

Ask your employees, as well as anybody else who frequently uses the space, about their experiences. The effectiveness of operations, the building’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature, and any issues that need to be rectified or given more attention should all be discussed.

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